Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lot’s Of Driving 11/8-10

Man, writing today is tough. After spending the last two days in the van we finally got to Aaron’s parents house, we’ve got the day off and they’ve got cable. Nothing can make me do absolutely nothing quicker than a Law and Order marathon. Oh shit! The kid that got murdered, her last name is Coyle on this episode! Might be a while…

Oh no! Now there’s food that hasn’t spent the last three hours under a heat lamp!
Look at my lips. It’s like a Suckerfish with a bad Collagene implants. But I guess that’s what home cooking looks like.

Are you kidding me? Fresh baked cookies? Oh boy. There might be a nap in my future.

Time for some Scrabble…
John didn’t want anyone to see his receding hairline (or as I call it the Gulf Of Mexico) so I threw a little Photoshop magic on there. Took the liberty of cleaning up Aaron's dad while I was at it. You're welcome Kurt.

I think I smell stew, we’ll catch up later…


Tour To Live!


  1. Kurt G. Beam's hair is amusing me far more than it should. But I also thought eating a hotdog and fries at 4am was a good idea last night.

    See you fellas thursday!

  2. Going to Red Fang shows caused my hair to start regrowing.