Monday, November 16, 2009

Pittsburgh, PA. 11/15/09

I’m kinda bummed that I got so excited about the porn guy yesterday. That happened in Pittsburgh. Would have been such a great post for today, I couldn’t help my self though.

Bryan was pissed that I didn’t take photos of the guy for the blog, but the last thing I wanted to do was get my ass kicked in a coffee shop by a dude with a boner. Should have done it, that would’ve have been an amazing ending to that story. That’s some shit to tell your grandkids about. “How did you get that scar Grampa?” “Well that’s a funny sorry, Billy…”

Incase you have never been to the Iron City there is one thing you should know, they are deadly serious about football. Everywhere you go is a sea of yellow and black.
Even Old Dirty Ron can’t escape:

So we were a little worried when we rolled into town just in time to see the Steelers lose. They don’t take that kinda stuff lightly. In the end it was an awesome show. The Smiling Moose rules. They took care of us. Sound was great, crowd was awesome, can’t wait to go back. The only complaint I have is I spent three days per diems on the damn porn crane machine thing at the downstairs bar, only to come up empty handed (no pun intended).

Oh well, I guess there is always the coffee shop…


Tour To Live!

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