Sunday, May 9, 2010

Boise, Idaho 5/7/10

Just a quick heads up, getting off work at 4:30 AM and killing the following three hours ‘till the boys pick you up, crushing beers and watching Family Guy on Hulu, isn’t the best way to start tour. You’re better off just waking up about five hours into the eight hour drive to Boise, throwing a couple quick splashes of Tabasco in your eyes and punching yourself in the crotch. You’ll feel the same without spending as much money.
Just sayin’.

All that aside, it feels damn good to get back on the road. This is where we feel most comfortable. Tour is like your favorite, old Tshirt. The one with holes and the weird yellow pit stains; when you’re in it you look like shit and smell like a Texas trash can in mid-July, but man do you feel right. Just look how relaxed Bryan is already:
Before the show we took a stroll around town to soak in the sights. For a city it’s size there was no lack of wildlife:
When we got back to the van this was lying on the ground next to the passenger door:
Could it be that Glowbra got some while we were out? Wouldn’t put it past him, that dirty sonofa…

Tour To Live!

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