Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Salt Lake City 5/8/10

The crowd shot is blurry. Weird.

Can I just rant for a second? Almost four bucks a gallon for gas? What the hell is this Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome shit? The entire time this was pumping I was waiting for Tina Turner to jump out and start chanting “Two men enter, one man leaves!” Luckily we have that dingo kid with the boomerang doing sound this tour, so we would have been cool…

Okay, Salt Lake. What happened… Our friend Fletch (scroll down to Salt Lake) stopped by again and with eight Scottish eggs and a bronasaurus size slab of brisket for us:
Look at that! That’s only one chunk, there was about forty more where that came from. John got a raging food boner just looking at it. Thanks again Fletch. Not for John’s boner, for the food.

Speaking of John, he really wanted to buy this shirt:
But we had to remind him that he’s married and there is no way you can’t get laid wearing a shirt that classy, no matter how much you try.

We would like to give a big thanks to Tonino (AKA Muchacho) for putting us up a record fifth time in the last ten months.
He and his amazing wife Liz have never turned us away, and we won’t forget it. When Red Fang gets signed by Mr. Hollywood Bling Bling Gold Records, they will be some of the last of friends that we’ll be too cool to talk to.

Tomorrow: Reno! Uh oh…

Tour To Live!


  1. 4 bucks a gallon? Dude you should try the UK, its just gone over 9 bucks a gallon! We really have gone beyond the tunderdome over here and Tina is singin' her heart out.

    Loving the tour blog though, just jealous I live the wrong side of the pond to catch some shows. One day though huh...?

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