Wednesday, May 12, 2010

San Francisco, California 5/11/10

Reno to San Francisco: A time line:

Noon: Check out of Circus Circus and head towards Tahoe City to drop off the Ladies

1:35: Drop the girls off and head out over Donner pass en route to our 5:00 load in at The Bottom Of The Hill.

2:05: It starts snowing pretty hard:

2:15: Bryan’s body gets back at him for ingesting nothing but coffee, energy drinks and gas station hot dogs for the last three days. There’s some collateral damage:

2:30: We notice a sign that tells us that chains are required and there’ll be a checkpoint ahead to make sure they are on. We don’t have chains.

2:35 Traffic comes to a dead stop for what we assume is the checkpoint. We start to panic.

2:40; John spots a guy selling chains on the side of the road, $70 later we have chains.

3:30: Still sitting there:

3:45: We venture out into the wild to smoke and try and see if we can tell what the hell is going on:
3:47: Back in the van. Too damn cold.

4:00: Cabin fever starts setting in. David starts talking about the unifying theory of quantum mechanics and Newtonian physics with an empty bag of Sun Chips and Aaron thinks that aliens are trying to eat his eyeballs:

4:30: “I think the traffic is moving!” Nope.

5:00: We finally get moving, passing the checkpoint dudes, who don’t even look at the chains. We are almost four hours away from the club we are suppose to be loading into at that very moment.

5:04: Take off the chains and start making up for lost time.

9:00: We roll into Bottom Of The Hill just in time to unload the van and watch Hazardous Cure kill it:

9:15- 1:00AM: Heads banged, beer drank, high fives thrown, hugs doled out, laughs aplenty and faces melted.

1:30: Arrive at John and David’s longtime friends Susy and Ricardo’s amazing apartment where this completely blows our minds:

2:30: Finally pass out wondering how I can explain the day’s events.

2: 35: Can’t think of anything original.

Tour To Live!

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