Wednesday, October 20, 2010

San Diego 10/18/10

San Diego is always a mixed bag for me. Always our favorite stop on tour, we’ve yet to have a bad time which also kinda sucks. Ya’ see, I’m a lazy man. In fact my favorite part of tour is that while we drive from city to city I can just lie around and not feel guilty about it. Who’s gonna blame you for not getting anything done when you had a eight hour drive straight in to a load in? Just whip up a quick blog with enough typos and grammatical errors to make a third grader cringe and it’s back to my normal van routine.

But every time we get to San Diego so much shit goes down that my life is turned topsy-turvy. Just editing and resizing the photos alone is going to take four hours, which really cuts down on my Angry Birds time. Then I have to come up with something that links all the photos together, and god knows how long that could take.
Just trying to explain what the hell is going on in these photos alone is could take an hour…

…so there goes nap time.

Then you throw in a couple of these…

…and playing a couple of games of “What the hell is that smell?” is straight down the tubes.

Trying to figure out how to edit this damn video so it doesn’t take six hours to upload flushes my “try to figure out a combination of peanut butter, bread and something else in the snack box” time.

Leaving me only an hour at the most to pretend like I’m playing Angry Birds on my phone while really looking at porn.

But I guess that’s the price you pay for getting to hang with some of the most amazing people in the world:

Besides, there’s always tomorrow.


Tour To Live!


  1. Nevertheless, keep it coming, Coyle. These blog posts are the greatest.

  2. wonderful. You know there is no way I can unsee those photos of your mugs. I havent felt this scarred since staring directly into Ricki Lakes baby maker while... um... a baby was made.

  3. It's always such an awsome reward when you go to work, it's two of your favorite bands, and all of them are cool as hell!!! Just wanted to say thanks for rocking out hard for us. J-sin from the Casbah.