Sunday, March 13, 2011

San Francisco 3/12/11

Well good god damn! It seems like forever since we’ve been out here on the ol’ dusty road, and you know what? It feels good. Real good.

The last time we were out we had a little fender bender so we had to get a new van this time around. But getting a new van is no knee-jerk purchase like a face tattoo or an artificial heart, this is something you have to think out. After months of crunching numbers, Gallop polling and blind taste tests we bought the exact same van we wrecked. But in light blue. (Cue the Jefferson’s soundtrack). WE knew we made the right choice when we were already at a garage within one-hundred-fifty miles.

Luckily it was a minor adjustment and we were on the road twenty minutes later.

First stop was Weed, California where we met up with Danava who we’ll be touring with for the first four shows of the tour. We got a couple rooms and headed for the nearest watering hole to knock back a couple. I for one am pretty excited about touring with these guys because my long time friend and old band mate Andy Forgash (aka Candy Floortrash, aka Ginger, aka Ol’ Shitinacup) is playing with them these days.

The spot we found is the only bar I’ve ever found that has a drink punch card. You know like a coffee stand or a bagel joint or some shit, where you buy ten drinks and get the eleventh one free. Soon as we heard that it was if we’d been orally smacked across the face with glove. This was a challenge— a duel to the death between the poor bartender and our soon to be swollen livers. By the time the third punch card was filled things started getting ugly. And by things I mean us.

There is some video that would just take way to long to upload which highlights include John being REALLY excited about string cheese and some sort of hotel room wrestling match. I’m actually happy I can’t put it up. It’s ridiculous.

Took the slow boat to San Francisco and made it just in tome to load in a sound check. The show went off, good times. Saw tons of old friends in including the one and only Derek Dees:
Let me tell you something, Derek Dees is like the AC/DC of humans. I you don’t like him there is something seriously wrong with you. We’re talking about a guy that will always greet you with open arms that usually have a shot in one hand and a beer in the other, that are both for you. One of the greats.

Keep checking in because I’m going to do my best to make fun of all my friends in a public forum day after day. Thank jebus for the interweb! This tour is going to rule!

Tour TO Live!


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  1. Excellent show fellows. I had a great time, and by great time I mean drinking a barrel of beer and making a complete ass of myself. I am the idiot front and center of the crowd photo wearing a Giants hat. A 40 year old jumping around like an 18 year old? Not pretty, but pretty damn fun. Thanks for the gig.