Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's Been So long. What? No! I haven't been Avoiding You...

I know it's been a while, shut up. Since it was a while ago and there is a lot of ground to cover to catch up you're getting the CliffsNotes version.

Burlington, Vermont 2/25/09

They had the best food of any club on tour:
Yeah that's pork tenderloin, salmon, potato leek soup, garlic mashers... What you don't see is the cheesecake and chocolate torte. It was stupid. Really.

It was Maurice Bryan Giles birthday so we fed him cocktails 'till he looked like this.

Awoke the next morning hoping to hear that the trend of naming food after Red Fang had reached Ben And Jerry, but no such luck. Ben, Jerry, if you're out there we got some ideas. Wait—is depression a flavor?

Portland, Maine 2/26/09

The one thing that sticks out from this show is a completely shit-faced guy asking me about twenty-five times if I was Reverend Peyton.

Poughkeepsie, New York 2/27/09
I can't find the crowd photo from that night, so just imagine four hundred thousand screaming fans throwing cash and the keys to their cars on stage. You know— the usual.

My Dad and girlfriend were at this show so, I don't really remember anything except staring at Maureen and thinking “How the hell did I get a girl that pretty?” and staring at my Dad and thinking “I hope he's got snacks at his place.”

Farmingdale, New York 2/28/09

I'm guessing that about the time they were playing this show I was eating some of my grandmothers famous London Broil. I have no idea what she does to that thing, but it's like eating rainbow dipped in awesome.

Lancaster, PA. 3/1/09

This was a sad, sad day because it was the last show on the Clutch tour. From what the boys said it couldn't have ended any better. Look at that crowd, so awesome. Just want to thank all the Clutch guys one more time for an amazing tour. Can't say enough good shit about those guys. Now I'm wishing I had done some interviews or something with them. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess, or is it Mad Dog 20/20? I get those two confused.

Hoboken, New Jersey 3/2/09

Now there is the crowd we're used to. The best part is at least four of those people were on the list! This was our first show with Early Man who we will be touring with for the next month. As you can imagine they were quite impressed with our draw. All joking aside, it had snowed ten or so inches that day and with the wind chill it was about three degrees away from the second ice age. Thanks to those who did show up.

More to come soon...


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