Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Couple Days Worth Of Crap

Jeez, I didn’t realize how much ground I had to cover. So much bloggin’ so little time. You ready? Get loose. Take a breath. Let’s go.

Okay, so we left San Francisco heading for Bakersfield when we got the news that both the other bands had to pull out for some reason or another and the promoter was pulling the plug on the show. Leaving us in the middle of nowhere and two days to make it to Arizona. To most people this would be a blessing in disguise but to us any change in the plans causes panic only rivaled by Rain Man not making it to Wapner on time. Think I’m joking? The band motto is “When in doubt, freak out.” The next hour was spent debating what to do, covering all the bases from drive straight for thirteen hours to Tucson to lets find an In-n-Out and figure it out from there. In the end we pointed it to San Diego end stayed with what we consider our second home the OTROS house.

Slept for a couple and six hours hours later we rolled in to Chris Kaufmann’s desert oasis. As usual he made us a buffet that would make John Goodman cry gravy.

Look at all that Carne Asada, did he think we were on tour with the Misfats?

And these were premium ingredients too, most people would have been happy with regular old sour cream but not Kaufmann:
I don’t speak German, but I’m pretty sure that says “Cream Super.”

Bryan stroked out just thinking about his burrito:

Now, I know that you guys and gals out there think that after years of driving around in a van, only eating food that leaves our faces shiny, and the long walks from the green room to the stage we’d be in the best shape of our lives, and who could blame you, just look at Aaron:
At first glance you’d think Rambo era Stallone, but the truth is we’re not all that athletic. Chris wasn’t hearing any of it and talked us into playing disc golf with him (and yes I know who sad it is that we were too lazy to throw a Frisbee) but watch this and you’ll see why:

Yeah, sorta like a cerebral palsy awareness picnic. But how can you say no to this face:

Tomorrow: Mesa. Would try to bang it out now but there is talk of shooting guns in the desert, and I’ll be damned if I’m not there to witness that.

Sorry Ellen.

Tour To live!

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