Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Rest Of It

I’ve been sitting here for the last three days trying to figure out how to tie the last three shows together and wrap up the rest of the tour. For a while it started to look like that scene in Ace Ventura when he's trying to figure out the Finkle and Einhorn connection… Then it hit me! What links this all together? Awesomeness. That’s right, All three shows were chock full of awesome. Let’s take a look at some photos and you’ll see what I mean.

A green room full of beer, BBQ and one white pony:


Staying with Aaron’s folks:
Awesome. Look at those two. How can you not have a good time? Maybe if your idea of a good time is getting kicked in the crotch while eating a dog shit taco, you might not have any fun. But if that’s what you really wanted, I’m betting Aaron’s dad would probably work that out for you.

Salt Lake City:

Punk rock girls with 666 dyed in their head:
Pretty awesome. Not to mention getting to hang with Tonino and all the Salt Lake homies. Although, 3.2 beer—not so awesome.


Last night of tour drinks with friends:

Totally Awesome! If you have any doubt about the awesomeitude of this moment just look at Aaron. His head is about to ‘splode from awesome!

Speaking of awesome, we’d like to thank the following people for making this tour happen: Mark Welsh: we couldn’t have done it with out you buddy. Thanks again and again and again. Valient Thorr: Our brothers in rock, we can’t wait to tour with you again. Otro: Because if I didn’t thank you Lizzy would complain about for a year. Tonino, Heiges, The Beams, Jake and the entire Lions crew, and everyone that came to our shows, let us sleep on their floors, fed us, etc. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the band wouldn’t exist without you and we all thank you for helping us continue to live like thirteen-year-olds.


Tour To Live!

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