Thursday, March 24, 2011

All Sorts O' Crap!

Okay I have a lot of ground to cover here, so I’m going to give you the CliffsNotes version of the last couple days.

St. Petersburg, FL. 3/20/11
-After getting the van fixed, we miss the New Orleans show and have to drive twenty-two hours straight to make St. Petersburg. By hour fifteen the van started to smell like energy drinks and sadness.

-We rolled into town with just enough time for a cannonball our blues away.

-John decided that I should be in a Danzig cover band and comes up with a new genre of rock for me to start called “Bumcore.”

Orlando, FL. 3/21/11

-The stage was so high off the ground that the boys had to spend a day at base camp to get acclimated, then hire a Sherpa to continue on. They almost had to leave David to die when he twisted his ankle on an empty oxygen tank that one of the previous bands had left behind.

-An ex cage fighter explained to David and Bryan why the best weapon in a street is a human turd on a stick. (no joke)

-In continuing with the theme of this tour, we had to leave right after the show and drive all night to make the next one.

Greensboro, NC 3/22/11

-I spent a relaxing eight hours (one AM- eight AM) behind the wheel on a stretch of road that looked more like a drive-thru safari than a highway.

-During that same drive I found out that Aaron has the uncanny ability to come alive from a dead sleep as soon as the music turns off, make a playlist and go DIRECTLY back to sleep as if he was never awake in the first place.

-There was mini Mercury Birds reunion…
-David and John’s long time friends Cricket and Elizabeth put us up. Cricket thought it was weird that we kept asking if it was okay to use his bathroom, insisting that we should just make ourselves at home and not ask to do anything we would normally do, so Bryan shit in his dishwasher.

-We got to sleep in something that wasn’t barreling down the road at seventy miles-per-hour and woke up to a mellow six hour drive.

Springfield, VA 3/23/11
-The Chinese restaurant next door to the club had a in house crazy person complete with BISP (boner in sweat pants).

-When Bryan and John went to get smokes at the 7-11 they were accosted by two fans that made them shotgun some “Game Day Light” brand beers.
Then we started driving again…


Tour To Drive!


  1. man I'm so glad you're all back on the road but so SAD that I didn't see you in NOLA! Please come back sometime!


  3. So are you missing Portland yet? Also, its probably not a good idea to shit in peoples dishwashers, though it would probably wash away within a few cycles, and is better than the sink, unless the sink has a garbage disposal.

  4. (1) Originally I thought "accosted" might be too strong of a word.

    "1. Approach and address (someone) boldly or aggressively"

    Dead on.

    (2) Remember, every day is Game day.

    ~guy on left