Saturday, October 10, 2009

Denver, Colorado 10/9/09

First off, can I get a “Hell yeah!” for Denver? Man, Denver always kicks so much ass and last night was no exception.

That being said, if I never did the drive between Salt Lake City and Denver again it would be way to soon. It always looks exactly like this:
The same horizon for a quarter bajillion miles and the threat of a snowstorm—even in July. And there is always a 2:00 PM load in time or some crap like that, so you have to leave SLC at 4:00 AM. Oh well, the people in Denver always make that drive worth it. The things you do for love…

On the drive Bryan came up with another one of his million dollar ideas, the gaming hood:
How does it work you ask? It’s easy. You simply take a t-shirt (For the authentic version, wear the shirt for a few days straight. Don’t forget to play three rock shows while wearing it) and stick it over your head. Now grab your PSP or game boy (if you currently live in 1986) and cram it in there with your head to create your own video game paradise. Now do you not only get the visual of dead bodies, but the stench too.

In addition to the always bitchin’ Saviours and Kylesa, our favorite local homies TaunTaun played.

They killed it as usual. Bryan’s mind was blown:
Some more long drives ahead of us. If you’re living anywhere between Denver and Lawrence or Lawrence and Minneapolis, have a house near a Taco Bell or truck stop keep an eye out for a blue van packed full of long hairs, if you’re lucky we’ll let you buy us lunch.


Tour To Live!


  1. I have really been enjoying the virtual road tour with these last 3 entries. I've traveled cross country (NJ to CA) and you are spot-on about the drive between Salt-Lake City and Denver. It always looks like impending doom is about to fall from the sky any second. The gaming hood is genius, if not record of a prototype for smell-O-vision of some sort.

    Glad the Denver show was so ripped for you guys.